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Climate ceilings

Alura® is thé climate ceiling or ceiling system par excellence and provides a sustainable solution for an optimal climate control in buildings. Thanks to the energy transfer via radiation, climate ceilings (radiation ceilings) an excellent level of comfort is guaranteed. The heating at low temperature and cooling at high temperature is done in an energy efficient manner.

Our climate ceiling was developed in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart, fully complies with the strict quality guidelines of the CE marking and has a beneficial effect on the Energy Performance (EP) and the indoor climate of buildings.

By integrating a new pipe system in the ceiling elements (carrying water flows), the entire ceiling surface acts as a silent radiating element that definitely excludes drafts and allergies. The famous ‘sick-building-syndrome' is no longer present thanks to the energy transfer via a closed water circuit.

Workable ceiling systems

  • Grid ceilings
  • Ceilings on the basis of a plug system
  • Ceilings on the basis of a clip-in system
  • Plasterboard ceilings
  • Fin ceilings
  • Climate ceiling islands


1. Comfort

  • High cooling and heating capacity by radiation.
  • High level of comfort: minimal air movement in the workplace and excellent acoustic properties (acoustic ceiling).
  • Maintenance free
  • No drafts, no proliferation of microbiological organisms.
  • Completely silent operation
  • Uniform distribution of energy in the space

2. Energy

  • Energy efficient due to the low temperature in the closed water cycle

3. Architectural & Aesthetic

  • Minimal space above the ceiling due to small air ducts optimising the construction investment.
  • Cooling and heating through the ceiling, making radiators/converters unnecessary along the internal façade.
  • Deflection of the ceiling panels when using “Varicool Spectra 6” is reduced to max. 1mm with dimensions 1200 X 1200 mm.

4. Technology & Maintenance

  • Simple control technology.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Replacement of damaged ceiling panels without disconnecting and/or replacing the “Varicool Spectra 6” climate system.
  • Optimal access to the space above the climate ceiling. (coffered ceiling and panelled ceiling).
  • Oxygen diffusion sealed

5. Ecology

  • 100% recyclability of steel/rock wool insulation
  • Very low energy consumption. Low operating cost.
  • Own production in Belgium

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