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KAY climate ceilings create cool oases during heatwaves

Jansen solves one of the biggest annoyances in the office:

The heat during the last few days has had a noticeable impact on employee productivity. Jansen Building Company, however, provided a solution for overheated businesses, hospitals, and hotels with the launch of the KAY climate ceiling. The developers put the innovative product – which integrates cooling, heating, lighting, ventilation, and acoustics into one system – on the market with a refreshing guerrilla marketing campaign: architectural and engineering firms received a crash course in KAY during an ‘ice & learn’ course.

Belgium is currently suffering from a heatwave. People are trying to cool off en masse at open-air swimming pools, at sidewalk cafés, or somewhere in a shady forest. Of course, there are still people out there working every day and they often struggle with the extreme temperature. In other words, the heat impacts their productivity.

Shivering on Facebook

There are several different studies and visions on the ideal working temperature circulating around. Facebook top man Mark Zuckerberg swears by an indoor climate of 15 degrees Celsius at their Californian headquarters. Researchers from the Helsinki University of Technology demonstrated that employees perform best at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. And the Americans at Cornell University in New York discovered that people are more productive and make fewer mistakes at 25 degrees.

Whatever the temperature, one thing is certain: temperatures that are too high (or too low in the winter) are one of biggest annoyances for employees. That is why Jansen Building Company developed the KAY climate ceilings, explains Nadia Jansen (CEO, Jansen Building Company). “KAY is a smart ceiling system that integrates cooling, heating, lighting, ventilation, and acoustics into one system. The basic principles during development were that the product should have a sleek design, be user-friendly, and energy-efficient. Our R&D department has succeeded meeting these three objectives.”

Get rid of the usual annoyances

The climate ceilings solve several other recognisable problems as well. Nadia explains, “In contrast to conventional air conditioners, which often blow hot or cold air into the room, the KAY climate ceiling uses a patented tubular system. Low-temperature water, controlled by a heat pump, flows through these pipes. The metal ceiling gradually absorbs this temperature and releases it into the environment evenly. So, there’s always a comfortable indoor climate. In addition, the system operates silently and its design even improves the acoustics. Last but not least, the KAY climate ceiling is very energy-efficient.”

Cool guerrilla marketing

The KAY climate ceilings mainly come into their own in offices, hospitals, and hotels. At present, for example, they keep both patients and officers cool in the AZ Sint-Maarten hospital in Mechelen and the new police station in Kortrijk, respectively. This will soon be the case for people working in the Phoenix office in Brussels, too.

Naturally, the Jansen headquarters is equipped with its climate ceilings, too. This serves as the Jansen Building Company’s base of operations for a major offensive to get the rest of the country to convert to the KAY climate ceilings. Specifically, the Zonhoven-based company is launching a cool guerrilla marketing campaign. “Some architectural and engineering firms can expect to get an ‘ice & learn’ course, a sweet version of the ‘lunch & learn’ courses. (laughs) The KAY ice-cream truck will visit the ‘chosen ones’. They’ll get a brief explanation of the climate ceilings while snacking on a scoop of vanilla, chocolate chip, or pistachio,” says a generous Nadia Jansen. 

Companies that would like to apply for an ‘ice-cream buffet’ can register via kay@jansenbuilding.com.

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