Group Jansen

Group Jansen takes over Maris Technics

Group Jansen set the date to take over Maris Technics in early September. This general contractor from Zonhoven considers Maris to be the perfect complement to its existing business division, Jansen Technics.

Nadia Jansen: “Maris Technics is a business with whom we have already achieved several accomplishments in the past. Each time, we valued their expertise, broad experience, and energy. To reinforce our position as Group Jansen, we decided on a closer partnership with this complementary business. 
With this takeover, we are targeting the growth of all our businesses and people, plus our shared portfolio of projects. Furthermore, we are enhancing our range of activities relating to smart technology and electrotechnical installations with even greater knowledge in-house.

We strongly believe that this takeover is an interesting win-win for both parties. Together, we will search for potential synergies. So, from now on, we will set off for diverse assignments in pole position, which is a real bonus for our business units, projects, and customers.”

Next steps following the takeover

“We are not planning to change our daily operations. Together with Johan Maris, who will remain in charge of operations, we are keen to focus on good collaboration between our companies in particular. In doing so, we can respond better to the demand for a more integrated approach and integrated products. Meanwhile, Maris Technics will continue to serve its own customers. The name Maris Technics will also be kept for now. Similarly, there will be no changes in location.”

 For more information about this takeover:

Sarai Bervoets, Head of Sales & Engineering  Group Jansen – 0478/77 69 72
Johan Maris, COO Maris Technics – 0494/65 46 56