Group Jansen


Besides panels, Jansen Products also supplies a series of materials for the installation of raised flooring systems. The following products are available:

Aluminium plates:

number: 1000 units per roll 
size: 20 x 20 x 0,2 mm 



material: wood or pvc 
packaging: +/- 1000 units/package 


Glue pistol: 

packaging: 600ml per tube 
use: +/- 30 pedestals/tube 


Cable paths: 

cut-out in the centre of the edge of the panel 
simple model


Panel lifters: 

for smooth surfaces 
for carpet or needle-punch carpet 



M16 or M20 
adjustable in height 
sizes: from 50mm to 2000mm 


Wall connection tape: 

size: 9mm x 6mm 
package: 1 rol = 150lm


Lock tight: 

750ml per container 
+/- 350 pedestals per container


Ventilation panels: 

perforated in wood: 192 holes - diameter 12mm 
perforated in plaster: 192 holes - diameter: 12mm 
perforated in steel: entirely perforated



0 ridges 
2 ridges 
4 ridges