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Clean-Solutions against COVID-19

Protect your comfort zone.

Protect your employees and customers against COVID-19!

We believe it’s important that your employees, customers, and visitors feel safe in your building during the coronavirus period. Jansen the Building Company not only builds for the people in the building, but we also make sure that they can stay in your building safely.

Jansen the Building Company has developed a range of different CLEAN-SOLUTIONS to transform your building, workplace, shop, reception area, etc. into a safe yet comfortable and pleasant environment in no time.

Because we are aware that your needs may be different from those of other clients in other sectors, we provide customisation in addition to this offer. So be sure to let us know if you have other needs and we will work out a solution for you based on your personal situation.

We relieve you of all your worries by measuring, drawing out, producing, and installing the CLEAN-SOLUTIONS entirely at our expense.  We also guarantee fast delivery and installation. The offered CLEAN-SOLUTIONS can be delivered within 5 working days.  We are also able to respond quickly for custom work, an initial proposal within 5 working days, and then a quick production, delivery, and installation.

After installation, you can call on our CLEAN-SOLUTIONS team 24/7.  A team of experienced professionals throughout Belgium is at your disposal so that you can continue to guarantee the safety of your employees and customers.  



The Clean-Desk-Divider in plexiglass enables safe contact between customers and employees.

Several solutions are possible to equip your reception, cash register, meeting room, desk, counter, etc. with plexiglass screens.  Here, you can choose from a standard range with various combination possibilities and finishes. If desired, the Clean-Desk-Dividers can be provided with the personalised branding of your company.


If you have commercial vehicles in which a partition is necessary, we can also provide this.

The Clean-Car-Divider will then be tailored to your vehicle. Thanks to the flexible attachment via the headrests, the seats can still be adjusted individually and no damage remains visible after disassembly. There is no risk of image distortion or blinding reflections thanks to the use of extra clear plexiglass. If desired, the Clean-Car-Dividers can be provided with the personalised branding of your company.


Do you need quick and easy subdivisions in your offices, dining areas, copy corners, shops, waiting room, customer area? In places where it is not possible to safeguard social distancing at all times? If so, Clean-Room-Divider is the solution! This light and elegant solution to divide spaces can be used multifunctionally without any additional inter­ventions. Thanks to the delicate design, you lose a minimum of space, yet the dividers are stable thanks to the small footrests.


Regular cleaning of objects, including door handles that are touched by many different people, is a must in this corona period. This is not feasible for offices, shops, and all other places where people congregate, which is where the Clean-Door-Handle offers the solution.  These can be opened and closed with a simple arm movement so that they do not have to be touched with the hands. This reduces the risk of contamination. Watch the video here!


Would you like to make the walls of your workshop, lunch room, kitchen, toilet, fitting rooms, etc. hygienic and quickly and easily washable?  Then our Clean-Wall-Solution of bonded acrylic panels is the solution for you. These large format panels can be glued to walls with various finishes and shapes, even curved. The whole is then sealed so that you get a seamless and easy-to-clean end result. This finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as in cleanroom environments, which means that these areas will meet high hygienic requirements.

These are just a few of our products.
If you need other custom CLEAN-SOLUTIONS, we will be happy to brainstorm with you and provide the solution that best suits your building.

Questions? Contact our CLEAN-SOLUTIONS TEAM!

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