Group Jansen


Cleanrooms are standard in the healthcare sector and many other industries (bio, pharmaceutical, chemical, logistical, micro-electronics, food, etc.) These are rooms that have a controlled level of dust and other contaminents, regulated by an air filtration system. As the name suggests, Cleanroom Systems Belgium (CSB) is the number one specialist.

CSB supervises your turnkey project from the design up to and including validation. Together we choose each element of the cleanroom: passboxes, rotating and/or sliding doors (hermetical; semi-hermetical), walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and the appropriate air treatment depending on your care or production process. With large-scale cleanroom projects, CSB accounts for solely the construction aspect of the project, according to the prior defined technical requirements of the end user.

For building cleanrooms, CSB works together with other parties of Building Group Jansen. You will find our cleanrooms both in the care sector (operating theatres, emergency rooms, hospital pharmacies and tissue banks) and in industry.