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The Comfort Cube

Create a peaceful and pleasant meeting, presentation and concentration space in your office

Jansen the Building Company has designed ‘The ComfortCube’ to create a comfort zone for your employees. The perfect solution if you want peaceful, private work places with greater privacy within your landscape office!
The Comfort Cube gives you the option to create an extra multifunctional space in your work environment quickly and easily – ideal for online meetings, holding virtual presentations and webinars or concentrated working fully within own bubble.

The Comfort Cube, all the benefits at a glance!

Creates an ideal, comfortable workspace for

  • focussed work, making phone calls and holding meetings
  • holding webinars and online training courses
  • holding professional online meetings using media walls


  • the modern glass walls give your space a contemporary look
  • it doesn’t make your room smaller because it is a completely transparent design
  • add a personal touch with your own furnishings


  • can be fully personalised
  • variety of options from a single-person office or a meeting room to individual concentration work places
  • option to use multimedia systems

Equipped with

innovative products developed by Jansen the Building Company including:

  • system walls by Maars Jansen
  • a KAY climate ceiling
    • this intelligent ceiling cools, heats, illuminates, ventilates and deflects sound
    • the efficient use of radiation heat and convection creates a comfortable indoor climate in all seasons
    • silent operation and minimum air movement
    • as a result, there is no draught and minimal spread of microorganisms
    • low energy consumption

      For more information, download the KAY intelligent ceiling product sheet

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