Group Jansen

Pharma site Wase Werkplaats, Temse

A triple technical feat accomplished!

The whole project covers 5450 m² and consists of 850 m² of offices (sanitary facilities includ-ed), 2000m² of stockroom, 850 m² of technical floor and 1750 m² of cleanrooms and production areas.

The realisation of these cleanrooms was a real feat. For the technicians amongst us: there are three reasons for this.

First, this is what we call a ‘design & build project’. We have followed up on it from the tech-nical design up to the technics, the architecture and the validation: this happens very rarely in this sector. To harmonize the architectural and the technical aspects, we considered from the very beginning the future number of employees in a cleanroom, the ISO class and the flow of personnel and materials. The choice of a certain type of partition, ceiling, floor or door directly influences the dust emissions, temperature, humidity, … in a room.

The second fact worth noting is the very short lead time, made possible through Building In-formation Modelling (BIM), the next big thing in the construction sector. In BIM all technics are entered into one digital system and at any change, the system will automatically calculate the effect this has on the other technics. This is how we were able to decrease the margin of error on the building site to a minimum.

Finally, Medipack is an energy efficient and cost-effective project. A special heat pump – with two accumulators – recovers the heat. Furthermore, electricity and control systems have been automated: there’s LED lighting and smart control of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition-ing) everywhere.

Architect ABV+ architecten
Execution period January 2018 – August 2018